Learn to Lose Weight Smart

Thank you for visiting this web site. Its goals are:

  • To offer useful, exciting and easily digestible information on weight loss and other related matters in a user-friendly and time-sensitive manner.
  • To educate each visitor how to lose weight in a simple, fun and healthy way and keep it off by providing information from nutrition, diet, and exercise to the correct mind set.
  • To help you understand basic principles in nutrition and exercise, and how food and lifestyle affect particular physiological functions that ultimately affect your health.
  • To focus on information on how to promote your own health and live long, comfortable, energetic and productive lives, not merely how to lose weight and fight nutrition-related disease.

Food is a major factor in everyone’s life. It is our best friend, but it could also be our worst enemy.

To lose weight in a healthy way - and keep it off - you need to know the nutrition basics and develop healthy eating habits that will sustain you for life.

On this site you will learn:

  • About the importance of fine balance that needs to be struck between the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats - key to healthy weight management and loss.
  • That both hormone balance and caloric balance are equally important factors in weight loss and disease prevention.
  • That no weight loss regime or healthy lifestyle would be complete without the addition of exercise.
  • About the benefits of exercise, what to do before you start to exercise, and how to stay injury-free.
  • About realistic and healthy on-line weight loss programs offering excellent value for money, expert advice and highly customized diet and fitness plans.
  • About high quality weight loss products.

And last but not least, you will learn about:

  • Motivation. It is the driving force which gives us the will to accomplish tasks and eventually succeed at reaching an ultimate goal. What is your motivation?
  • Common pitfalls and coping strategies.
  • Hypnosis, which is by far the safest, most researched and effective way for you to stick to a weight loss program. It will help you think like a thin person and to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Hypnosis will help you enjoy healthy eating and exercise and maintain motivation for a healthy weight loss over a long period of time.

Finally, a fundamental premise of this site is that you have control over your weight and health. My information will guide you on the trip to weight loss and wellness. Only you can decide to make the journey. Are you ready for it?

Just get started – take a decisive action! Make achieving and maintaining a healthy weight your long-term life goal.

Actually, losing fat is not that complicated. Getting lean is simple. Exercise, eat healthy foods, and eat smaller portions.

And remember that important results are invisible at first. Before you lose weight, your organs will be cleaned of fat and toxins, your joints will become supple, your muscles and immune system will be strengthened through good nutrition and exercise.

Healthy weight loss requires time and dedication. Be committed to losing weight the right way, and choose to make a permanent lifestyle change. Set goals related to getting enough exercise and eating right, not weight loss. Don’t let the scale rule your life!

More information to help you lose weight smart will continually be added to this site. So, come back and visit us often for new, exciting and free information on healthy weight loss.